Churchill Plumb Heat Cool are equipped and ready to get your stormwater drains running & your toilets flushing again with our elite range of Blockage Clearing Equipment.

All of our Plumbers are also Licensed and able to repair any drains that need emergency repairs so please don’t hesitate to call and we will get your Sewer, Stormwater and Septic lines clear and repaired so that you can relax again.

Call us today on 03 9728 4728 or 0417 860 310

Our Equipment Includes:

  • Rigid K1500 Sectional Main Drain Machine: : The worlds finest all-round drain cleaning machine with its high speed cleaning it gets the job done fast and can handle the toughest of blockages.
  • Rigid K45 Electric Auto Feed Drain Gun: Used to clear stubborn sink and bathroom blockages.
  • Rothenburger ROPUMP: Used for the removal of obstructions in basins, bowls, tubs, and toilets.
  • Rothenburger Toilet Auger: Used to clear hard to reach obstructions after the toilet bowl and before the main drain, with its flexible core it reaches the hardest of places.

Churchill Plumb Heat Cool look forward to helping you get your your drains back on track so please call and let us help you.